Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Trip in The Pilippines Last 2007

{from left--my son, me, my mom, my youngest brother, my father}

I admit there's no place like home with the family especially holidays is almost coming. Last time I was back home (Philippines) I had so much fun just being my family like my parent and my bother. I say brother because I was not able to meet my other brother who is in Singapore. My family and I, we supposed to go Singapore so that we can we all together. I supposed to see my nice (my brother's daughter)that I haven't meet since she's born. Unfortunately, for some circumstance me and my son were not able to go because my son's passport will expired within least than 6 months so they are not let us able to go Singapore. I was so upset and so depressed for the only time we can be all together and also I will be able to meet my nice. Well what you can do, I know there will be another time and I hope soon in God's Will. That time too only my son and me who able to go Philippines, my husband, left at is not really a complete. Holidays is not really as enjoyable as much as you want to especially all your love ones are all far away. Even though they are all far away they are always in my heart during this holidays season.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Technologies is So Important

I'm talking about the technologies we have now because how it make our life so easy. As myself I have a family far away in the Philippines and because of the technologies seems that they just a mile away. For examples, like the Telephone, Cellphone, and the Internet, and because of this I can communicate my family easily. The Telephone is a very good technology by just a push of the button you can talk to anybody you want as long as they have a phone of course, so the wonder of the technologies now a day really make our lives easily and very conveniently. So, for the discovery of this communication technology is a genius idea that made us communicate by just a push of the button. The cellphone for example, every where you go you can call and is a good equipment for emergency use. For instance, you have an emergency like you broke your car, you can use your cell for help. The Internet also for example, you can hook up an Internet camera you can see the person you are talking even in far away places. So, for this kind of technologies is a very good equipment for our daily lives and it is a very useful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Beauty of Natures

This morning I was just driving around just to be out of the house. It's true that natures can somewhat enhance your feelings. What I mean is being feel the natures around you can enhance yourself and natures is really a beauty if you just feel it. What I noticed that we have to appreciate what around us especially that will give us the importance of it. Why I'm saying this because we must be thankful if the nature around us give us a peace and not disaster, just imagine to some place that have disaster and how people suffered about it. That's why this morning while thinking of it and noticing how my nature around me does not give me disaster that's how I just being impressed how lucky I am in this kind of Nature around me. I know this is sound weird but I'm just thankful of the nice nature around me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Life Vision

Patience and Calm is important to our life. Without these we can have stress to ourself and can lead to different kind of sickness to our body. So, we just stay Calm and patience and not to be panic for whatever life situation we gonna face to our life. As what they says LiFe is too short we should live it to the foolest. Just enjoy life as long as we still alive. As long as there is life there is lways HOPE. Just like myself I just take it one step at a time.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

November Celebrations All Over the World

All over the world everyone have different celebrations during November especially 1st and 2nd of November. Here in the U.S. they have a costume parties they Called it Halloween. Everyone is dressed up with different costumes. In my homeland (Philippines) November 1st we called it All Saints Day and 2nd is All Souls Days. In the Philippines most of people they go to the cemetery to lights candles and pray for the souls of their love ones. That's why right now I feel little sad for I'm so far away from home that I can't be with my family to pray and lights candles together for the souls of our love ones. All I can say wherever we are we can still pray and lights candles in our own way. I hope this day all have a good All Souls Day and All Saints day no matter were we are in this world.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle? Each one of us wants to have a Healthy lifestyle but we can't do it the right way we want. I say this with my own experience. First, since I don't do anymore the things I used to do, my lifestyle change a lot, what I mean my little own Healthy Lifestyle. Since I've been a little stressed because of my situation right now I just noticed that my emotion, feelings and lifestyle change a lot. I just noticed that your life situations affect with your emotions and feelings in our everyday life. So, I strive to have a positive attitude and try to forget the situations and always hope for good. As we all know as long we have life we should not loose hope that's what I always trying to do as much as I can. So, with a positive Attitude it help a lot at least to do a Healthy Lifestyle for the good of ourself. A good Attitude help a lot for our Healthy Lifestyle.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hopes in Life and Disappointments but be Positive in Every Ways

In life sometimes we have disappointment but inspite of disappointment we have to strive hard not to lost Hope. In our everyday life we should not put discouragement over hope. As we have life we should not lost Hope. Everytime I always be positive in every walks of life even though sometmes no matter how you strive sometimes you discouraged your life. So, all the time I feel down I always think that there is always good that will come my future. I have to live for hope not for discouragement for I have a wonderful Family who always there for me for upa and down of my life. It's good for this blog I let my disappoinments out and seek some answers through Internet and because of this it let me make me feel good.